Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a very deep, profound method of spiritual energy-therapy that can promote health in virtually all aspects of your life. It is predominantly beneficial for problem-solving and personal healing.

Like with energy-therapy, shamanic healing methods are holistic in nature. Shamanic practitioners assess your health energetically by scanning (or reading) the status of your mind-body-spirit connections - the balance of which is essential for health, both internal (relationship to self) and external (relationship to others and the world around you).

Shamanic practitioners do not attempt to cure, which is the inclination (or trend) of allopathic medicine; instead, the shaman looks at the whole system and tracks the symptoms to their source. Shamanic practitioners understand that all illnesses have, at some level, a spiritual (or energetic) origin, almost always due to some type of trauma which the client has experienced. This trauma energetically imprints the client and if left untreated or unattended it can develop into chronic physical, mental, and / or emotional conditions. The shaman works with healing the spiritual origins of the illness such that the trauma-filled imprint no longer influences the health or reality of the client.

Shamanic healing methods are applicable to all types of issues - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - and can help provide relief from:

  • stress / tension
  • depression
  • panic / anxiety
  • chronic illness
  • insomnia
  • recurring nightmares
  • chronic fatigue
  • spiritual disconnection
  • fears / phobias
  • self-abuse behaviors such as cutting, addictions, suicidal thoughts, et al
  • recurring headaches / migraines
  • post-trauma issues
  • and much more

Shamanic Power Retrieval

Most shamanic cultures believe we are born with Spirit Helpers. These are most often refered to as Power Animals or Helping Spirits. They help protect our physical and spiritual energy. Helping Spirits connect you to your body, wisdom, and the earth while also guiding, protecting, grounding, and inspiring you. When you are disconnected from your Helping Spirits, power loss is the result.

Power Loss Symptoms are most often indicated as follows:

  • low energy levels
  • chronic depression / illness
  • chronic adversity (bad luck, misfortune, ill health, etc)
  • lack of direction / purpose
  • a sense or belief of not belonging

Power Retrieval reconnects you with your Helping Spirits, which often results in increased energy, stamina, drive/ambition, reestablishing understanding of your life's purpose(s) and direction, and a decrease in adversities.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss is a spiritual and energetic illness where part of the soul, or core essence, of a person splits off. It is a spiritual illness caused by trauma such as a break-up/divorce, substance abuse, physical/emotional abuse or neglect, a serious injury or accident such as a car accident, or witnessing or being involved in war/heavy conflict.

Symptoms of Soul Loss are numerous. Examples are as follows:

  • chronic physical and / or mental challenges
  • apathy
  • memory loss
  • self-destructive and self-sabotaging behaviours such as cutting, substance abuse (addictions), reckless driving, etc
  • feelings of emptiness
  • inability to fight off infection
  • frequent illness

Extreme cases of Soul Loss can result in dissociative disorders, a complete inability to function, or even coma.

To correct soul loss, I gather and return your disconnected soul parts and reintegrate them with your energy body. The soul parts are pure energy and not tainted or wounded in anyway.

Shamanic Intrusion Removal (Extraction)

Intrusion Removal is the technique of removing from the energy body obstructions, called intrusions, that block the free flow of personal life force energy. An intrusion is most often characterized by localized chronic pain or discomfort and / or a chronic unfavorable change in beliefs, values, morals, or character. With the aid of your and my Helping Spirits, I identify and remove the intrusion(s).

Shamanic Energy Cord Release (Aetheric Energy Cord Removal)

Any time we are attached to someone or some thing, we lessen our ability to move freely, without encumbrance. ECR helps you let go in a loving and gentle way. Read more ...

In Shamanic ECR, one of my remarkable specialties, I work in conjunction with your and my Helping Spirits to vastly eliminate energetic cords which keep you tethered to unhealthy energies which are negatively effecting your life.