Frequently Asked Questions


A quick note about single sessions.

The key to the most successful healings is consistency. Like taking a medication or losing weight, the effect of the services I offer is cumulative, therefore those who regularly receive services will experience the best results. (And, in some cases, even be equipped with self-care tools you can use quickly and easily at home any time you need them!)

In addition, by investing in regular ongoing service, you will better understand what it's like to work with me and what you can expect. Likewise, it gives me a chance to better know you and your energetic system so I can work in the ways that will provide you with the optimal results you really want.

Think of it this way by asking yourself this one simple question: "Do I want it fast, or do I want it right?"

Why are your standard sessions longer than the typical hour?

Let me answer this using the Usui System of Natural Healing (commonly and incorrectly called 'Reiki') as the example system.

In Usui's time, he did not provide or teach timed sessions. His treatments could last several hours at a time depending on the client's needs and presenting issues. Often, clients would remain at his facility for days or even weeks and receive treatments every day. In today's fast paced society we've been programmed to give and receive everything in microwaved, drive-thru fashion. This has unfortunately been passed on even in healing situations. (Consider how fast your doctor is in and out of the exam room, for example.) Healing doesn't happen that way. Healing takes time, patience, and commitment.

Students of energy work are, albeit indirectly, taught to stay within certain time frames. This teaching comes through 'how long to hold each position', and what is called the 'quick or chair treatment'. These practices keep timed sessions limited and often less effective.

In my 20+ years of doing this work, nearly every session has gone longer than the 'prescribed' time when clients have had the extra time to stay. Why is this? Because the session has not completed within the learned time frame. Practitioners have become so caught up in the timed hand positions that they forget to pay attention to what the client's body is actually asking for and in need of. Once in the habit of doing things this way, it becomes more and more difficult for the practitioner to determine the nuances between a truly complete session and the formed habit of timed positions and sessions.

In quitting that type of practice (because I always felt like clients were being cheated of real and lasting results) I have discovered that for most of the clients I work with, the average session time lasts 75-minutes when I allow it come to a natural close. As such that is the standard session time I choose to offer clients; therefore they always receive the best possible results with every session.

You can always opt for a shorter (60m) or longer (90-120m, ) session.

Why should I invest in a healing program?

Investing in a healing program is a gift to yourself, a commitment you make to your healing process. See also, "A quick note about single sessions" above.

Do you guarantee results?

Because there's so much actually happening in the body that holistic healing can help resolve, and because I cannot control how the healing energies work within your particular body and systems, it is not possible to guarantee your particular results.

I do my best to educate, guide, and support you during our time together. What you do with it from there is up to you.

Why does it often take longer to get on your schedule than with other practitioners?

Because I focus on getting it right, I limit the number of clients I work with at any given time. This allows you to receive the best of me, my time, and the services I offer. The services I provide and the way I provide them will affect every area of your life in positive and beneficial ways. I'll pull on everything I know to help you achieve the results you want, and that means we will work closely together because real change takes time and effort. I don't offer a band-aid for your concerns, but rather real solution, real change that is lasting.

Why do you require a non-refundable commitment deposit for programs and other ongoing services?

In order to serve all my clients to the best of my ability, I agree to work with only a certain number of people at any given time. This way, I can provide the level of attention to each one that they expect and deserve. By paying a nonrefundable commitment deposit, you are reserving your spot to work with me, and I can plan ahead to give you the time, attention, resources, materials, etc. that you will need to get the most out of our work together. Without that deposit, I need to keep those spots open and available for other clients.

In addition, experience, expertise, and specialization make an enormous difference. If you have cancer, you don't rely solely on your general practitioner, you seek out the experts with the know-how, the specialists. That's what I am. You want someone who regularly continues to study, do research, and who continues to learn also from clinical, practical, and experiential experience. That's what I do. You are receiving the attention and care of a specialist for the same comparable rates of general energy practitioners.

Remote/distant services and session notes.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, Session Notes are not automatically included with remote/distant services. They are however available for a flat fee of $7.00 per session. If you invest in a package or program, it is an all or nothing option. You either purchase Session Notes for all sessions in the package/program or none at all. Even if you do not add Session Notes to your package/program, you will still receive a quick note stating the session was completed - this will be sent by either email or text message, and will include any information deemed important to share with you as well as any suggestions / recommendations that arise during the course of your session.

If you order, for example, a three-session package, and would like Session Notes for only one of the sessions in the package, you must instead order individual services at the regular rate. Again, with packages and programs, it is an all or nothing option.

It is important for you to know that not every session results in Session Notes - sometimes there just isn't anything to 'note'. Although this is uncommon, it does happen, and becomes more likely in long-term packages and programs. If you have added Session Notes to your remote services and nothing presents to share with you, the notes for that session will state exactly that. I cannot control what presents, when, how much, or how detailed, therefore in these cases, credits/refunds for Session Notes will not be given.

Do you still offer <insert 'missing' service/program/package here>? I don't see it anymore.

If you no longer see a service previously offered, chances are I no longer officially offer it. When I started this business, my deepest desire was to help you truly transform your own health, on every level. That's still my deepest desire today. I tried to be a 'jack-of-all trades' in order to bring you every possible option for achieving the results you want, and I learned a couple incredibly important things in the process:

  1. Nothing pays off like investing in yourself! Deep and meaningful transformation takes times and effort. Like the wise say, You don't put a band aid on a gaping wound, you go to the experts because you want real solution, and that's what I offer: real solution.

  2. As noted above and throughout the site, my deepest desire is to help you truly transform your own health. You do not receive a person's best when her time and efforts are spread across countless services and programs geared toward the masses. You want someone who specializes in your specific needs. My new service menu and services are extraordinary and deliver real results; even so, only you can decide if I'm still the right practitioner for you.

  3. Just like you, I can't please everyone; which also means I can't serve everyone. And that's okay.

Nonetheless, if there is something you deeply desire to have done, you can contact me to discuss your possible options. Please be aware, most services are priced by the session regardless of the time you have / make available.


Information about payment options and refund policies is available here. (Link is also in the footer of every page for easy reference.)


What kinds of payment plans do you allow for packages of services and longer programs?

It depends on the service(s)/program(s) you want to invest in and the fees for those services. It also depends on whether services are provided in person or by remote methods.  Each situation is different and thus not possible to answer in this space. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals.