Distant (Remote) Healing & How It Works

Remote healing is the act of sending an energetic stimulus to a person or animal in another location that will result in a shift of that person's or animal's physical, mental, or emotional well being. There are frequencies that allow sending and receiving of faxes, radiation, and others.

The concept of sending and receiving frequencies remotely is taken for granted. If we thought about this for a few moments, we would consider this impossible. The reason we don't is that we use these devices every day with ease and reliability. Remote viewing and healing is no more mysterious than getting a fax, using the Internet, or sending a digital image through your cell phone.

There must be a sending out unit and a receiving unit that are subject to the same physical laws of frequencies and operating systems. If they are not, they cannot communicate. A satellite cannot send or receive information from an x-ray or fax machine. Living beings also have physical laws involving frequencies by which they operate. We are an energetic electrical system. Our nervous system is a complex of nerve wiring that initiate electrical and chemical signals to run everything in our bodies (heart, digestion, breathing, movement, mental thought, etc.). We even have invisible electrical systems called meridians (invisible energy pathways), utilized in Chinese acupuncture.

The living being is a complex of frequency signals that act both as transmitter and receiver. These frequency signals are common to all living beings. The body is an energy field. This energy field or complex of frequencies is believed to extend outside our physical bodies, as demonstrated by photographing auras with Kirlian photography. Since our energy frequencies are carried outside our body, it is a reasonable conclusion that there is a medium outside our body that has a compatible frequency operating system that supports it and can transmit it.

It is this medium or external field that allows the transmission of human-to-human frequency influence. Just as we can have influence over our own internal frequencies (movement control, mental thought), and frequencies can have influence over other frequencies (see quantum physics), it may be concluded that if we can send a frequency through this external medium we can create change through a distance when it is received by a receiver with the same operating system (living being).

- Dr. Art Karno, D.C.


Components of some services, such as the Core4 Healing programs, Care for Creative Minds, and EFT, can be completed via phone and Skype.