Energy Cord Release (Removal)

Energy Cords: What Are They?

Our bodies are electrical in make-up. Within and without, our beings operate like telephone circuits, sending impulses through the nerves to connect with and communicate to other energy impulses. We are all interconnected on the Great Energy Grid of Life, and thoughts travel with the speed of lightning around the grid, connecting one to another.

When we consistently direct our thoughts and energy to a particular person, place, thing, or even a situation or event, we begin to establish an energetic cord connecting us to that thing, whatever that 'thing' may be. The more we send our energy there, the more we think of that thing, the thicker and bigger the cord becomes. In this way, our energy attaches to that person, place, object, situation, or event, and as it flows away from our own being, where it is needed, we lose energy. Not only do we lose energy, which many call "giving our power away", but we also allow our energy to become entangled in the energy of the other.

Any time we are attached to something, we have lessened our ability to move freely, without encumbrance. One of the definitions, in Buddhist terms, of suffering, is "attachment." This does not mean that we disconnect from life or others. It means that when we connect, it is important to do so from a heartfelt, truly loving place.


Did you know ...?

  • When you engage in sexual intercourse, even a deep passionate kiss, it often establishes an active psychic cord that continues to feed energy to the other for up to seven years. This is why sexual activity is deeply interlinked with spiritual teachings. (Some teachings indicate the female's sacral energy center becomes connected to the male's solar plexus, and it is the female who feeds the male throughout the entire seven-year phase.)
  • The people with you have experienced conflict are most often attached to your solar plexus.
  • Those who you grieve over are most often attached to your heart chakra.
  • Those with whom you have had painful relationships, or relationships where you carried all the weight, are most often attached to your shoulders. (This is frequently the root cause of shoulder and neck pain.)

General Symptoms of Energy Cords

  • A lack of energy or vitality which does not respond to the usual remedies
  • Constant thoughts about a specific person (or group), place (location), object, event, or situation
  • Feeling drained after a conversation or a meeting with a particular person or group
  • An inability (or finding it a challenge) to resolve the past and live in the present
  • A lack of clarity regarding your life's purpose
  • Consistently feeling un-centered or "not yourself"

Energy Cord Release (Removal) 

Energy Cord Release (Removal) is the process of removing these inhibiting and draining attachments from the subtle bodies in such a way that you regain energy, clarity, freedom of movement, and which, where necessary, allows you to heal quicker. Removal of these cords also strengthens your overall fortitude: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The process is done in a way that provides benefit to both you and the person, place, thing, event, or situation so that all can heal.