The Aura and Chakras: A Quick Review of the Subtle Body

The aura is simply an extension of the energetic essence within all matter. All things, including humans, are made up of energy. We are energy beings in condensed energy shells (bodies). Our actual presence, however, extends beyond our physical bodies, making what we call the aura. On average a person's aura extends three to five feet beyond the physical body. (According to subtle body expert, Cyndi Dale, it may extend the equivalent of a football field.)

Auras can be weakened by poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental pollution, insufficient sleep, stress, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, negative thoughts and habits, improper psychic activity, and the influences of others.

Studies have shown that most conditions begin in a person's outer energy field (aura). They then penetrate through the physical body where they begin to manifest as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments and conditions. Keeping the aura fields clean and clear greatly reduces the risks of damaging ailments and illnesses from manifesting. Healing of the aura can also greatly reduce symptoms of already manifested diseases/dis-eases.

Each of us also has a magnificent set of energy centers called chakras. Chakra comes to us from the ancient Sanskrit language and means "wheel." Chakras are spinning wheels through which we transmit physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life force energy. Each chakra relates to a different aspect of the body, mind, and spirit.

There are seven primary, or master, energy centers. From bottom to top, they are as follows: Root/Base, Sacral/Sex, Solar Plexus/Navel, Heart, Throat, Brow/Third-Eye, and Crown. In addition to these seven master chakras, there are 21 secondary chakras, including, but not limited to: in the palms of the hands, at the bottom of the feet, behind the eyes, at the knees, at the ears, and in the areas of the underarms. Furthermore, we have an additional 21 'lesser' chakras, with more being discovered as research continues. Chakras act as energy receivers and transmitters for the subtle energies. Each chakra functions on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Our thoughts and attitudes can stagnate energy flowing through the chakras as well. Unexpressed emotions can cause the chakras to become overcharged, leading to malfunction. When chakras malfunction, energy cannot be transformed and released to the physical body. If energy is not flowing freely through the energetic centers, physical problems may develop in specific areas and discomfort or illness can occur. When a chakra malfunctions it needs healing to remove the cause of the imbalance. Because the chakras all work together as a system, a malfunction in one may affect the activity of another.

Aura & Chakra Clearing, Healing, & Balancing sessions help transform harmful emotional energy like anger, grief, and guilt

into positive energy. Healthy energy centers enhance your general and physical well being and can be achieved by energy that is in a constant smooth flow, refreshed, and vitalized.

Imagine the aura and chakras as a kind of filtration system that purifies energy from the dense physical plane, which is associated with our primal instincts and animal nature, into the highly refined spiritual plane that connects with the source of life itself. Working with the aura and chakras through energy therapy can open the way to healing, psychological development, and spiritual growth.

Balance is the key to health and well being. When there is imbalance it can manifest as in various ways, from a general feeling of "something being off" to severe illness. When the energy centers are clear and functional, they perform their work completely, process energy properly, bring energy to the physical organs and subtle bodies, and remove used, stale, and stagnant energy from the body systems.

When these energy centers (chakras) are impaired, they become dysfunctional. Chakras may become dysfunctional when they are congested with fear, stress, environmental pollution, and other harmful conditions and substances. If a stressful condition continues for a long time, the chakras may begin to malfunction. When the physical body has to function under continued stress (distress) or depression, the chakras struggle to work properly and can become grossly imbalanced.