The 7 Master Chakras, One By One: Function Vs. Malfunction, the Basics

There are a number of chakra systems. What follows is basic information and is in no way exhaustive. For a thorough study of the human energy field and the various chakra systems, Cyndi Dale's The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy is strongly recommended.

Crown - knowledge, thought, understanding, awareness

Associated endocrine organs: pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal glands

Neurological connections: cerebral cortex; commands everything

Balance (proper functioning): understanding ~ universal truth and knowledge ~ ability to transcend all we have known thus far ~ able to reach the unreachable ~ able to find (initially for only short snippets of time) absolute peace where everything is suspended and we have utter awareness ~ calm ~ serene ~ able to experience bliss ~ radiate love and peace to others ~ can free one totally of depression, apathy, fear, and confusion ~ clear state of consciousness ~ ability to free ones self of the constraints of the human brain ~ a greater connection to God/Universe ~ ability to surrender to that which is so much greater than us ~ ability to dedicate life to that which is most important to us

Imbalance (malfunctioning): extreme misdirection ~ lack of understanding ~ radiates negativity ~ often depressed, apathetic, fearful, or confused ~ unclear thinking and logic ~ irrational. [Often imitates problems associated with imbalances in other energy centers.]

Brow / Third-Eye - inner vision, imagination, intuition, commitment, insight

Associated endocrine organs: pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal glands

Neurological connections: carotid plexus; supplies fibers to the head, neck, and ears

Balance (proper functioning): inspirational ~ insightful ~ perceptive ~ wise ~ use intuition beyond rational explanation ~ expanded vision ~ transactions are stimulating and joyous ~ experiences are more rich and vibrant ~ accepting ~ forgiving ~ understanding of the past (in the sense that we realize, without inhibition, that we had to experience those things to be able to arrive where we are now, and that without those experiences we would not be who we are)

Imbalance (malfunctioning): intellectual arrogance ~ almost cruel to absolutely cruel wit ~ greed ~ lack of inner security ~ insensitive ~ unable to allow others their freedom of thought ~ little to no respect for other peoples beliefs ~ fear of not having control ~ usually unable to follow through with creative ideas ~ project frustration ~ blame others for own shortcomings ~ vision is stunted or negative ~ unable to feel true joy ~ quietly (sometimes openly) enjoys putting others down ~ may be quite zealous, harmfully so, in new-found religion ~ denies agreements ~ fails to honor commitments ~ leaves others questioning their own sanity ~ eye problems often occur: poor sight, eye strain, blindness, conjunctivitis ~ headaches and migraines ~ poor memory ~ sometimes plagued by nightmares

Throat - vocation, integrity, communication, insight

Associated endocrine organs: thyroid, parathyroids

Neurological connections: pharyngeal plexus; supplies the throat are, pharynx, tongue, and palate. The brachial plexus, which supplies the arms, may also be involved.

Balance (proper functioning): good communication/verbal expression ~ creativity ~ integrity ~ clairaudience ~ wit ~ willingness to compromise ~ ability to improvise ~ take life less seriously ~ spontaneous ~ playful ~ ability to lovingly command attention and lead others ~ able to speak personal truth and courage to stand by it ~ ability to admit when wrong

Imbalance (malfunctioning): careless speech ~ poor communication ~ lack of creativity ~ recurrent sore throats ~ colds ~ swollen glands ~

neck pain ~ dental problems ~ symptoms of hypo- or hyperthyroidism ~ lethargy ~ feeling blue ~ anxiety ~ poor sleep ~ jitteriness ~ coarsening of the skin and hair ~ arrogance ~ thoughtlessness ~ 'knows it all' ~ confuses wordiness with communication when speaking ~ alienating ~ insulting ~ feeling misunderstood

Heart - love and relationships

Associated endocrine organs: thymus

Neurological connections: pulmonary and cardiac plexuses; supplies the respiratory tract, heart, aorta, and pulmonary vein

Balance (proper functioning): loving ~ compassion for all living things ~ affectionate ~ forgiving ~ positive relationship with self, others, and the planet ~ joy ~ 'divine love' ~ sense of peace ~ growth and development ~ acceptance of self and current place in life ~ ability to truly support others unconditionally ~ ability to reframe so that love is present ~ optimism

Imbalance (malfunctioning): codependency ~ negativity ~ pessimism ~ feeling vulnerable and rejected ~ unable to feel love or be loving ~ feeling unlovable ~ criticalness ~ hatred ~ grudge-holding ~ poor relationships ~ vengeful ~ withdrawing from life ~ unable to relax ~ inability to protect self from harmful situations and relationships ~ unaccepting of self and others ~ self-denigration ~ self-loathing ~ inability to empathize with others ~ pessimistic ~ self-defeating behaviors

Solar Plexus / Navel - power, will, potential, 'gut feelings'

Associated endocrine organs: pancreas

Neurological connections: gastric and hypogastric plexuses; supplies the digestive system

Balance (proper functioning): passion ~ energy ~ drive ~ motivation ~ action ~ good decision-making ~ good formation of opinions ~ courage in self-expression ~ inner strength and freedom ~ tenacity ~ will to achieve and succeed ~ healthy work habits ~ ability to create change and realize ambitions ~ joy ~ happiness ~ peace ~ self-contentment ~ self-control ~ responsible and accepting of responsibilities ~ clarity ~ strength of will ~ positive self-assertion ~ sense of purpose

Imbalance (malfunctioning): pent up emotions ~ unspent energy ~ anger ~ rage ~ jealousy ~ resentment ~ guilt ~ repression ~ fear of emotional release ~ feeling victimized ~ self-destructive habits or entering into poor relationships (abusiveness) ~ lack of self-confidence ~ compromised integrity ~ fatigue ~ low energy ~ poor stamina ~ lack of self-determination, self-expression, and direction ~ loss of love and joy ~ bouts of indigestion, ulcers, acidity, constipation, IBS, diverticulosis ~ diabetes mellitus ~ comfort eating ~ disturbed sleep ~ lack of enthusiasm ~ weight gain or loss ~ feelings of despair ~ poor circulation ~ stiffness ~ verbally abusive

Sacral / Sex - sexuality, nurturing, creativity

Associated endocrine organs: ovaries (women), testicles (men), lymphatic system, renal system (kidneys, ureter, bladder), blood circulation (to some extent), reproductive system (especially women)

Neurological connections: sacral plexus; supplies buttocks, thighs, and lower limbs; branch to anal sphincter muscle

Balance (proper functioning): movement ~ flexibility ~ flow ~ good relationships with self and others ~ healthy sense of self ~ healthy sexual intimacy ~ creative stimulation ~ inspiration ~ nurturing ~ tenderness ~ enjoy both giving and receiving ~ enjoy physical affection (not necessarily sexual)

Imbalance (malfunctioning): inability to experience orgasm ~ distaste for sex or loss of libido ~ lack of self-confidence ~ inability to achieve potential ~ stiffness ~ hip, low back and leg problems ~ stasis in urinary tract (recurrent fluid retention, cystitis, infections, kidney stones, nephritis, etc.) ~ swelling and tenderness of ankles and legs ~ poor circulation ~ menstrual problems ~ tension ~ anxiety ~ tight to rigid muscles ~ being on the defensive ~ exhaustion

Root / Base - survival, grounding, basic instincts

Associated endocrine organs: adrenal glands, coccygeal plexus

Neurological connections: supplies the anal and genital regions

Balance (proper functioning): stability ~ security ~ sense of belonging ~ positive self-esteem ~ good judgment ~ healthy basic instincts

Imbalance (malfunctioning): obstructed spiritual ascent ~ lack of true contentment ~ lack of good health (mental, emotional, spiritual) ~ lack of joy ~ unable to withstand demands of daily living ~ feeling lost, ungrounded, without purpose, value, or destination ~  poor self-esteem ~ general to major dissociation ~ emotional and psychological absentia ~ feeling spacey ~ existential crises ~ cynicism ~ disrespect for life, the planet, and creation