Aura & Chakra Services (Energy Body Detox)

Balance is the key to health and well being. When there is imbalance it can manifest as in various ways, from a general feeling of "something being off" to severe illness. When the subtle bodies (aura and chakras) are clear and functional, they perform their work completely, process energy properly, bring energy to the physical organs, and remove used, stale, and stagnant energy from the body systems.

The aura (the field of energy that surrounds the physical body) can be weakened by poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental pollution, insufficient sleep, stress, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, negative thoughts and habits, improper 'psychic' activity, and the influences of others.

Studies have shown that most conditions begin in a person's outer energy field (aura). They then penetrate through the chakras (dense energy centers) and into the physical body where they begin to manifest as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments and conditions. Keeping the aura fields clean and clear greatly reduces the risks of damaging ailments and illnesses from manifesting. Healing of the aura can also greatly reduce symptoms of already manifested diseases/dis-eases.


Each session, which clears and harmonizes the auric fields and the seven primary chakras, lasts about 60-minutes.

To enhance your state of relaxation with in person services, I provide ...

  • meditative / relaxation music
  • comfy pillow
  • appropriately placed bolsters (optional)
  • soft blankets (optional)
  • low lighting (optional)

Compare to these more comprehensive offerings.

  • Chronic ailment that does not improve with treatment (conventional or otherwise)
  • High levels of stress
  • Feeling drained and tired / constant feelings of fatigue
  • Regularly associate with negative people or within negative environments (home, work, etc.)
  • You are a sensitive (HSP, empath, psychic/medium)
  • You have regular physical contact with clients/patients or the general public (physical therapist, nurse, doctor, energy worker, mental health professional, police officer, emergency responder, stockbroker, etc.)

Signs & Symptoms Aura & Chakra Work May Be Needed

  • Ongoing feelings of physical, mental, or emotional discomfort or turmoil
  • A recent major transition (break up/divorce, relocation/move, career change, etc.)



Investing in remote/distant services? Please see FAQs for a special note regarding Session Notes.