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Top 3 Most Popular Services
last update: Sept. 23

1.   Chakra Intensive  (see Seasonal Savings for special Fall pricing!)
Deep cleansing and strengthening of the energy center(s) of your choice
Benefits may include mental clarity, pain relief, deep relaxation, stress reduction, better sleep, and a slew more.
Helps you let go in a loving and gentle way; energetically detaches you from those who syphon your energies.
What's New this Fall...
Protea Recovery Programs for addiction and trauma
AntiViral Healing - back due to demand
Viruses don't respond to antibiotics. Energy work can stimulate your body's self-healing systems, and often a short series of AntiViral healing energy is all the body needs to defeat a virus.

You're the kind of person who believes you deserve to be healthy in body, in mind, and in spirit.  You believe in more fully recognizing, utilizing, and strengthening your body's inherent healing abilities. You believe this is a right, rather than a privilege.  You believe in having healing services easily accessible, or the tools even in your own hands to use anywhere, anytime.  You believe in those services and tools being safe for the whole family - infants, toddlers, children, teens, and adults alike - natural and effective, without unpleasant side effects.  And you believe in value for your money.

Sabrina is the kind of person who believes in all this too!  That's why here at Reiki & Bio-Balancing Therapies you will find exactly that.    

Sabrina provides a variety of complementary intrapersonal healing services, intuitive guidance, classes and private mentoring programs designed to help you tackle the widest possible range of issues - physical, mental, emotion-related, and spiritual - by helping you reawaken your mind-body-spirit connection and it's inherent ability to heal itself, and therefore you.  Whether you are ready to take full control of your own mind-body-spirit health or desire a compassionate facilitator / teacher to help you get to that point, Sabrina can assist you on your journey.


Although Sabrina's education, skills, and clinical experience value her services at $135 / hour, you'll find her rates start considerably lower at only $55 / hour.


If you are unable to travel to Reiki & Bio-Balancing Therapies, you may still receive services through distant methodsoutcall services, or by phone where applicable.
Need help determining where to start? Schedule a consultation.


 Classes for 2015 forming now!
*Join with a friend and you both save 10%!

EFT Workshop

 Jan 17, Apr 23, Jun 13, Sept 15

Traditional Usui Reiki Certification Training *

 Level 1 - 2015: Jan 10-11, Apr 11-12,
                        Jul 11-12, Nov 7-8
                        Dec 5 - 6
 Level 2 - 2015: Feb 7-8, May 16-17,
                        Aug 8-9
 Mastership: 2015: Mar 27-29, Oct 2-4

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