I believe everyone deserves to achieve their fullest potential.

Good health in body, mind, and spirit is essential to that goal.

Together, I believe we can find ways to remove obstacles so that you can live and work to your greatest ability, and follow your life's dreams.

If you are ready to:

  • Improve your daily life,
  • Gain sustained vitality, or
  • Embark on a journey of total transformation

... I can assist you in meeting your goals for the life you envision.

The services I provide open doors for real and lasting change, real and lasting impact.

Here you will find a range of complementary intrapersonal healing services and programs, clarity sessions, and classes designed to help you manage and overcome a wide array of issues. These services reawaken and strengthen your mind-body-spirit connections and its inherent ability to heal itself, and therefore you. Whether you are ready to take full control of your own mind-body-spirit health or desire a compassionate facilitator to help you get to that point, I am qualified to assist you.

Because you will be working with a teaching practitioner, many (though not all) of the services and healing programs offered here will also put easy to learn and easy to implement tools right in your very own hands. This helps you build your own personalized arsenal of self-care skills you can use between sessions and any other time you need them.

Students, Military, and First Responders
If you are a student, a member of the U.S. Military*, a U.S. Military Veteran*, or a First Responder* you qualify for special pricing. (*And so do your spouses and minor children.)

If you are unable to travel to Reiki & Bio-Balancing Therapies, where applicable you can opt to receive services through distant methods or by phone/Skype where applicable.

Reiki & Bio-Balancing Therapies in Lansing, MI is a holistic healing practice specializing in:

  • Chronic Pain Syndrome & Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety, Panic, & Nervousness Disorders
  • Relational Alienation & Estrangement (and other emotional trauma)