Intuitive Guidance (Psychic-Clarity)

Do you feel stuck? Confused? Bogged down? Are you wondering what step to take next? Is there a recurring problem or theme you just can't seem to shake free from? 

I am dedicated to using my intuitive capabilities to help you with a wide range of life issues. Over the years I have conducted countless sessions with clients, including well-known business professionals, civil service workers, and government employees.

To the best of my ability, I will provide you with insight and clarity regarding current issues as well as upcoming events. I am honest, direct, and compassionate. My practical goal is to help you successfully manage your way through challenges and change so that you are prepared to achieve the best possible personal outcome.

Each session includes a brief preliminary discussion - while you get comfortable - regarding your current concerns, followed by the consultation. Sessions are designed to

promote your personal and spiritual growth, empowerment, and transformation, and to help you view and make sense of your life from a deeper perspective.

I'll explore key areas of your life through a variety of media including clairsentience, clairvoyance, psychometry, and practical intuitive guidance and extra-sensory perception.

I take this work seriously and I am here to help you, rather than wow, impress, or amaze you, and as such you will be asked to provide your areas/topics of interest, and key questions prior to our appointment. I will spend time alone, reflecting on your concerns, and gathering intuitive insight on your behalf before our appointment. Thus, I am working on your behalf even when we are not together.

During our time together, we will go over the information I have garnered and delve deeper into it. You are encouraged to ask questions along the way. If information outside your key areas arises, that information will also be provided to you during your appointment.

Because we live in the present, please be aware that questions relating to the future (i.e., foretelling) are typically not answered. Each one of us is responsible for the choices we individually make. The decisions we make and the actions we take today are excellent guideposts toward our future.

Sessions may potentially include some form of basic energy work or EFT.


As required by law: You must be 18 years of age or older, or of legal consenting age, to secure an Intuitive Guidance (Psychic-Clarity) session. All minors must be accompanied by legal parent or guardian.

Intuitive Guidance is available
in person and by phone.

In Person
$45 / 30m
$80 / 60m
$120 / 90m

Readings are for single sitter except in extenuating circumstances - for example: interpreter for the hearing impaired or sitting is for a minor. In such cases, additional fees may apply.

$35 / 30m
$70 / 60m
$110 / 90m