Assemblage Point Therapy / Shifting

What is an Assemblage Point?

The assemblage point is the principal point where the subtle body interconnects with the physical body. It is directly connected to the entire energy body, affecting everything about us from our health, mood, and perceptions to our interactions with others, the environment, and even our beliefs and decisions.

A dislocated assemblage point is often indicated in major physical and psychological concerns, especially when those concerns have not been helped by other methods - whether conventional, holistic, or alternative. Returning the assemblage point to its proper location can (sometimes drastically) improve one's health.

What causes the Assemblage Point to dislocate?

Any of a number of things can cause the assemblage point to dislocate. It can be as simple as ongoing stressors to major physical or emotional trauma. Dislocation can occur over time (ongoing stressors or chronic illness/pain) or in an instant (one-time traumatic event such as a car accident or an intense emotional blow). In many cases, one may feel as though they are not the same and are unable to regain the personality they once had, feeling permanently changed.

Correcting Assemblage Point dislocation.

The term "assemblage point" is rather new - first coined by Carlos Castaneda - however the concept and adjustments of the assemblage point have been practiced for centuries by shamans and healers the world over. Although the excellent work of Don Whale has helped to bring assemblage point shifting into more modern day use, there are a number of ways to do so, as evidenced through its long history.

In nearly every case, a series of adjustments is mandatory for securing the assemblage point to its proper location. A minimum of 4 follow-ups is strongly suggested. See packages for savings.



Be advised that portions of assemblage point corrections require active client participation. You will be given instructions on what to do. Successful relocation depends, in part, on you! Not available by remote methods.


Initial session - $160

  • Client history
  • Locate and shift assemblage point
    • shamanic journey
    • manual shift
    • rest and recheck

Appointment time lasts approximately 2 hours


Monthly Maintenance - $80.00

  • Recheck location of assemblage point
  • Shamanic journey
  • General manual adjustment, if necessary
    • rest and recheck

Available only after two consecutive follow-ups in which no major adjustments were necessary.

Suggested minimum number of monthly rechecks is 3. Price is per each.

Appointment time lasts between 45m and 1 hour


Individual Services


Follow Up - $80.00

  • Recheck location of assemblage point
  • Locate and shift, if necessary
    • may inc. shamanic journey
    • may inc. manual shift
    • rest and recheck

Average number of required follow ups is 4. Price is per each. Scheduled strategically for optimal results. 

Appointment time lasts approximately 1 hour.


Benefits may include ...

  • a sense of wholeness
  • improved overall health
  • increased strength, dexterity, and flexibility
  • improved life-coping skills
  • inner peace
  • regain a sense of self and self-confidence
  • balance and stability
  • improved ability of the body and mind to heal
  • decreased pain, anxiety, post-trauma symptoms, etc

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