Gift cards for these stores / service providers -

  • Cash - always helps more than you are likely to ever know
  • Red Cedar Animal Hospital (Veterinarian) in Okemos, MI
    • you will need to call 517-347-0711 - you can mail a payment to them and put my name (first and last) on it, or make a gift donation to my account by credit card; or you can simply visit their location
  • Meijer grocery store
  • Soldan's Pet Supplies in Dewitt, MI
    • only available by going in or calling (517) 669-8824
  • MetroStyle 
  • Chadwick's of Boston 
  • J.C Penney'sMacy's, or other similar clothing store
  • Pure Salon in Dewitt, MI
    • you will need to call (517) 668-0904, or simply visit their location; remember to provide my name (first and last)


Sending Gifts to Me - FAQs

I want to send you a Thank You, holiday, or other gift or tip. How should I go about it?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It feels wonderful that you would think of me in such a way. I appreciate it more than words can express.

Over the years I have received many gifts, and quite honestly I just don't have room for "things" given space limitations. Therefore I kindly ask that you please limit ALL gifts / tips to the following - items are listed in order of preference:

OK. I have your "acceptable gifts" list. How can I get my gift to you?

Good question! For Red Cedar Animal Hospital,
Soldan's, or Pure Day Spa, please call them as noted above. Otherwise, if you have an upcoming in person appointment with me, feel free to bring it at that time. Otherwise, you can send it through the post or other delivery service. If you're a client, you already know the address. ;) If it's the first item on the above list, you can also send your gift through PayPal. Again, if you're a client, you already know the 'send to' address to use. ;) If you have forgotten, just pop me off a note for the appropriate information.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me in this special way. You have filled my heart and spirit to great degrees.