FREE Distant Healing - Group, Worldwide


Healing energies work on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Energy therapies work on the subtle level and help to correct imbalances. Balance is the key to well being. Keeping the aura fields and chakras clean, greatly reduces the risks of damaging ailments and illnesses from manifesting and can also greatly reduce symptoms of already manifested diseases/dis-eases.

Please bookmark this page, and/or "like" and "follow" Free Distant Healing - Worldwide on Facebook, and thoroughly read each month's details and instructions as they might change from time to time.  You will never need to sign up for the free monthly healing sessions other than by intention to participate nor will you need to provide any personal information to participate in these monthly sessions.

There may be times when we target specific issues/conditions or regions of the subtle body for specific purposes. In these cases there may be additional information or suggestions you may want to follow to get the most out of that specific event. Details and instructions for these types of 'special' events will be linked from this web page to another page within this site!

Each month I will use the energy method(s) and technique(s) I intuit as being the best for that month's group. These will include and are not limited to: Usui Reiki (both traditional and westernized versions), Pranic healing, Shamanic methods, and a variety of aura- and chakra-specific systems and techniques, to name a few.

The next two monthly group sessions will take place Sunday, July 14 and Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 7:00pm U.S.A. Eastern Time. This will also include purifying and recharging of the energy in your home. The session will last one hour or slightly longer. A time zone converter is available here.

There will also be weekly unscheduled energy adjustments three to four times per week prior to the scheduled event. Because of this, you might discover you are feeling or noticing benefits/changes even before the scheduled session. This is normal, especially if you are naturally sensitive.

Because these groups tend to be large, please do not email, text, or call to tell me you/others are participating. Your intent to participate is enough. Remember, we are working with energy. Any such contacts will go unanswered.

Please be aware that acute, recurring, chronic, and serious issues are better helped with regular ongoing individual services. Such services are available for a fee - whether hands on or distant. Please see the service menu for other options.


Children: You do not need permission to add your own under-aged children. Though I suggest allowing capable older children to make their own decision. No one likes to have anything forced on them.

Pets/Animals: You do not need permission to add your own pets and animals.

Other households: Send them a link to this web page. They must decide for themselves!

Although not required, some people find it helpful to write all household participants names (including those of pets and animals) on a sheet of paper and leave it out in the open. If you do so, you may want to include a title such as "Subtle Body Energy Healing: or simply "Energy Healing" as well as the date and time of the scheduled session. In the past when I have offered these free group healings, someone with a rather large household (three generations under one roof) had a household sign-up sheet which they hung on a wall with a title, date, and time. Then those who wanted to participate could write their own names on the list. Clever, huh? (Whether or not you do this has absolutely no effect on the healing energy you and those in your household will receive.)

Because these groups tend to be large, please do not email, text, or call to tell me you/others are participating. Your intent to participate is enough. Remember, we are working with energy. Any such contacts will go unanswered.

Session preparation -
Although it is better if you can rest and relax during the scheduled session, it is just as acceptable to be active. The energy will work with you either way.

Many people experience sensations before, during, and for a couple days after the scheduled session. These may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • warmth
  • coolness
  • light pressure in various body parts
  • tingling / buzzing / vibrations
  • electrical-like sensations (due to work within the neurological systems)
  • sleepiness
  • alertness / energetic

Although not required, all I ask in return ...

  1. Share these FREE distant healing opportunities with others so they too may be helped, if they wish. Please share the link to this page and/or to the Free Distant Healing - Worldwide Facebook page - - with your family, friends, neighbors, and other loved ones. Please do not decide who will and will not be interested, because, unless someone has specifically told you so, you never really know. Let others decide for themselves. Simply, kindly forward the information. Thank you!

  2. Please email me regarding your experience(s), if any. For example: how you felt before, during, after the session; how you're doing a couple days afterwards, noting any changes. Unless you already have my email, please use the online contact form, or drop a post/comment on the Free Distant Healing - Worldwide Facebook page -

If after the free session (or before) you wish to receive additional healing help, please consider one or both of the following options...

A Month of Distant Healing

$75.00 for individual person
+$25.00 for remainder of household (people, animals, pets)

This program works exactly as outlined for the free monthly group session with the following differences:

  • sessions are performed weekly on Monday evenings at 7:00pm Eastern Time U.S.A. for four consecutive weeks, beginning on the first Monday of the month
  • this is a for-a-fee service; payment is required before sessions begin
    • 5% discount when 3 or more months prepaid in full
  • you will need to provide your address and the names of all participants
  • each session will last 45 - 60 minutes (session notes are not included or offered)
  • use the online contact form to order

And / Or

Choose more in depth, individualized services from my service menu.

To join: Simply intend to participate on the above date at the indicated time. Take a moment to truly put out the intention. Additionally, you may want to add it to your calendar and reminders, especially if you prefer to rest and relax (highly suggested, but not required) during the scheduled session.

To add others (including pets/animals) in the household ---

Other adults: If the other adults in are legally and/or medically incapable of making the decision for themselves, you may do so on their behalf. Otherwise provide them with complete information (provide them with a link to this web page), as they must decide for themselves!

  • 'waves' moving through the body
  • 'seeing' colors and/or lights even if your eyes are closed
  • aches and pains (due to clearing of stagnant energy, or misaligned energy being corrected)
  • a feeling of 'floating' or loftiness (usually due to a state of deep relaxation)