Immune System Strengthening and Healing (includes allergy components)
Remote GROUP Series

$15/individual or $25/entire household

Up to 10 weeks of daily 90m healing sessions for one small fee

Ongoing: March 16 - May 1, 2020 - the earler you join, the more sessions you receive.

Help strengthen and heal your immune system with this GROUP healing series. Will not necessarily prevent illness, but may help your body better fight off any infection that enters it. The stronger your immune system, the better your odds of defeating a virus or bacteria.

This is the allergy plus immune system CFA. Allergies are an immune system issue and these two (immune system and allergies CFAs) have been combined for this group healing. For more information on CFAs click here.

To join: simply send payment of $15/individual OR $25/entire household

via PayPal to SabrinaD (at) Please include a note with the names of the household members you'd like to have added to the group. ***One payment covers all dates, from the date you sign up to the end date.*** You may enter in at any time. Simply make payment as noted above. (I will invoice if needed. Just send a message with the names of all household participants.) You will be added to the group within 48 hours. (A brief notice will be sent to you that your payment has been received and that you have been added. Please give me 48 hours to respond. I will check email once a day on days my offices are closed.)

Sessions will be carried out EVERY DAY beginning Monday March 16, 2020 and ending May 1, 2020.

Sessions will be carried out at various times - some morning, some afternoon, some early evening, some  late evening as each day's schedule permits. Sessions will last 90m. (Notes will not be taken or posted!) I will do my best to post a start time on my Facebook each day; however please do not expect a start time to be listed every day.