Shamanism: Shamanic Journeying^ For a More Meaningful, More Contented Life
[^the Foundation of Core Shamanism]

Shamanism is a very sacred* and ancient practice and is believed to be the oldest healing modality on the planet. It provides us with an integrative healing process.

Whether or not you see yourself as becoming a shamanic healer, it is my belief that everyone can benefit from learning shamanic journeying and experiencing firsthand the worlds of the helping spirits. Once you have personally experienced what it is like to be one with a wise and benevolent spirit, or a tree, an animal, or a rock, you know that everything is alive and whole and amazing. You are changed in a fundamental way. You can no longer look at any being or any aspect of this world as an object to be used – everything becomes a subject with a spirit of its own… [Y]our own subjective, caring nature is awakened. You begin to see as the shaman sees - with the heart. []

This 8-month shamanic group mentorship requires serious dedication and an openness to your own personal healing and transformation. It is more than mere education; it is a deep dive in experiential practice, which is the only way to fully comprehend shamanic healing. It may involve acquiring a few items over the course of the program to be used in your practice, some of which will need to be brought to class. 

Throughout, you will also gather methods and techniques for receiving direct revelation, clarity, and inspiration. You will give and receive healing with other students in the mentorship.

* There is no dogma associated with shamanism. Shamanic practices are found in virtually all faiths and religions. You need not hold any specific beliefs or faith or be part of any religion to practice shamanism. Rather, practicing shamanism often strengthens whatever beliefs, faith, and /or religion with which the student (mentee) enters.

Prerequisites: private one-on-one Meet & Greet with the mentor and attend at least one Shamanism 101 workshop.

Frequency: group meets for approximately 4 hours once a month for 8 consecutive months

Fee Options:

Option A: $75 / month, includes **   |   $65 cash

  • 1  |  4-hour monthly journeying group
  • email access for general personal help between group meetings
  • FB group access

Option B: $175 / month, includes
**   |   $165 cash   |   a $205/mo value!

  • 1  |  4-hour monthly journeying group
  • 1  |  20m private personal phone mentorship for deeper personal help or concerns between monthly meetings
  • 1  |  Shamanic healing service, in person or remote (which, pends availability and purpose); does not include Bundle or Assemblage Point services; total appointment time not to exceed 75 minutes
  • email access for general personal help between group meetings
  • FB group access

** use it or lose it; non-transferable; no rollover, prorating, or refund for unused opportunities - no exceptions

At the time of sign-up, you must choose either option A or B for the duration of the 8-month series. No mixing of options. Because I will block off client scheduling options accordingly, once you commit to one option or the other, you are locked in. Mentees who choose option A can schedule private work with me at the going rate.

First and last month payments are required at sign-up.

Number of participants limited to 14.