Mikao Usui

Reiki Energy Healing

Traditional Japanese reiki, pure and simple.

Reiki - correctly called The Usui System of Natural Healing - is an ancient energy-based healing system founded by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. Usui's system of healing originally began as a spiritual practice, attached to no specific religion or dogma, into which Usui later incorporated palm-healing. It is the fastest growing energy therapy in the world, with the numbers of people seeking a qualified certified practitioner increasing daily.

The Usui System of Natural Healing can be safely and effectively used with any and all health care modalities, and does not interfere with traditional health care treatments.

During a session the pure flow of energy is realigned within the body. It washes through the body, clearing obstructions and strengthening the flow of energy. You will draw only the amount of energy that is needed. In this way, you are in control of what is happening with the reiki, albeit at an unconscious level.

The purpose of a session is to support healing. This is the primary benefit of receiving reiki. Although it is impossible to predict a definitive outcome, all illness, conditions, and dis-eases, whether physical, mental, emotion-related, or spiritual, can be helped with reiki.

Benefits may include...

  • mental clarity
  • pain relief
  • deep relaxation
  • decreased stress
  • improved sleep

To enhance your state of relaxation with in person services, I provide ...

  • meditative / relaxation music
  • comfy pillow
  • appropriately placed bolsters (optional)
  • soft blankets (optional)
  • low lighting (optional)
  • increased optimism
  • improved flexibility
  • energy restoration
  • strengthened immune system
  • and countless other possible advantages


45-minutes - $60

Good option for those with constantly racing minds.

75-minutes - $100  - RBBT/SDV Standard

allows session to come to a more natural close; see FAQs for more info

90-minutes - $120.00  - In-Depth

Best option for those with acute or chronic* concerns.

* If you have recuring, ongoing, and/or chronic concerns, consider a Condition-Focused Agenda for optimal results. Asthma, high/low blood pressure, allergies, fatigue / exhaustion, depression, diabetes, immune system challenges, pregnancy issues, and more. A total of 23 Condition-Focused Agendas to choose from!

Investing in remote/distant services? Please see FAQs for a special note regarding Session Notes.

60-minutes - $80
uses Westernized non-traditional timing