L1 and L2 - $450
saves $50

when you register for and remit full payment for both at same time and complete both classes within one year from date of registration


Reiki Certification Classes - Traditional Japanese (Usui)

Reiki - correctly called The Usui System of Natural Healing - is an ancient energy-based healing system founded by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. Usui's system of healing originally began as a spiritual practice, attached to no specific religion or dogma, into which Usui later incorporated palm-healing. It is the fastest growing energy therapy in the world, with the numbers of people seeking a qualified certified practitioner increasing daily.

The Usui System of Natural Healing can be safely and effectively used with any and all health care modalities, and does not interfere with traditional health care treatments. It is offered in major hospitals around the world, with doctors and nurses earning CEUs (continuing education units) for learning the practice.

Reiki can be learned and applied by anyone. Upon completion of Usui Reiki level 1, the student is capable of treating himself and others, including pets and animals. At all levels, the commitment and focus is first on self-healing.

Why should I take a live training when there are so many distant trainings available?

With my live training you get ...

  • 2 or more days of training per level
  • full, comprehensive hands-on instruction
  • personal real-time attention
  • ample hands-on experience and practice
  • a complete and thorough visual of the techniques in action
  • the Blessings, as Usui meant them to be (rather than the Westernized offshoots known as "attunements" or "initiations")
  • immediate feedback
  • to share stories and experiences
  • to connect heart-fully with your instructor and classmates

Many of my students are those who have been dissatisfied with or sensed something lacking in previous Reiki instruction, or come out of them not really understanding anything at all.

What type of Reiki classes are offered?

In Usui's time, students committed themselves for several years to learning Usui's spiritual growth and healing methods. A student proceeded to the next 'level' only when s/he was unquestioningly ready, and it was the teacher who determined when a student was ready. Usui would give a student one method, one practice, one technique at a time which the student had to perfect before receiving the next step or method. In this way of teaching, students invested considerable time at any given level.

Learning Reiki today is quite different. Today there are one-day classes for an entire level - often lasting as little as four hours - and even weekend-long classes in which students learn Levels 1 and 2 in a single weekend.

I teach each level over a two or three day period which provides you with a more solid working foundation and knowledge of the system Usui created. You are taken deep into Usui's more traditional teachings and techniques.

You receive a large amount of hands-on practice and are also given homework. I require a mandatory minimum of three months between each level you take. Receiving a certificate means only that you have begun that level. When you train with me, you are required to complete daily self-treatments and other practices between each level.

In addition, you are able to contact me, your Usui Reiki instructor, for questions and assistance between levels and also after completing the mastership course.

My classes are best for the serious student, and for those who aspire to become professional practitioners, whether for himself, his family, or his entire community.



What is the financial investment for training?

Hawayo Takata, who brought Usui's system to the United States invested $10,000 for the master level training alone. That would be around $100,000 today, for just that one level.

You will find your investment to be considerably less. [Be sure to review the special pricing opportunities at the bottom of the page.]

Mikao Usui

Usui Reiki Level 1 - $250, plus text (title released upon receipt and acceptance of completed registration)

In Usui Reiki level 1, some of what you will learn - 

  • Sensing ki (energy)
  • The 5 Reiki Precepts
  • The 6 Reiki Principles
  • Gasshô meditation
  • Dry-bathing method
  • A method for focusing the mind
  • Self-application procedures
  • How to facilitate reiki for others, in person

Plus the following non-traditional methods - 

  • How to give a 'quick' treatment
  • How to do a team treatment
  • The 12 basic hand positions as they correlate to the chakras (India)
  • Location of the 7 master chakras
  • Instructions for treating longterm issues and conditions, basic treatment for all
  • Ethics and responsibilities of being an energy healing practitioner

Usui Reiki Level 2 - $250, plus text
 (title released upon receipt and acceptance of completed registration)

prerequisite: Usui Reiki Level 1

This second course in Usui's System of Natural Healing takes your training and skills to the next level. Some of what you will learn -

  • Remote/Distant healing
  • A method for generating greater amounts of spiritual (healing) energy
  • A method for sensing imbalances
  • Symbols (points of focus) 1, 2, and 3, and uses thereof
  • Mantras 1, 2, and 3, and uses thereof

Plus the following non-traditional techniques -

  • A method of self-purification
  • The level 2 hand position
    • what it is useful for
    • how to use it
  • Instructions for basic energy detoxification and rejuvenation
  • More on ethics and responsibility 

Usui Reiki Master-Practitioner / Teacher Training - $500, plus texts from Levels 1 and 2

prerequisite: Usui Reiki Level 2

This final training in Usui's system includes -

  • Review of Levels 1 and 2
  • Half-body Blood Exchange (Cleansing)
  • A method for sending ki with the breath
  • Movement of spiritual energy
  • Reiju (Blessing) preparation
  • How to perform reiju

The Master level also covers -

  • Master Practitioner/Teacher symbol (point of focus)
  • Discussion about the differences between traditional reiju and Westernized "attunements"
  • More on responsibilities and ethics
  • Doing business

Private, one to one trainings are also available for each level as follows -

  • Level 1 - $300
  • Level 2 - $300
  • Master - $600


L1, L2, and Master - $900
saves $100

when you register for and remit full payment for all three at same time and complete all classes within one year from date of registration


All of your trainings will include ...

  • Blessings, the way Usui meant them to be shared
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 2 or more days of training
  • Full, comprehensive hands-on instruction
  • Extensive hands-on practice
  • Student manual
  • Q & A sessions
  • Discussions
  • Certificate of Completion

all as detailed for each level listed below.