New Temporary Economic Pricing
(Due to Covid-19 Pandemic)

Because most will be struggling while we move through the days, weeks, and months ahead and because the services I offer can have significant positive impact on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, until further notice ...

Phone Readings (Intuitive Guidance) - 60m and longer 50% off

Remote Healing Services

  • 60m and longer 50% off (including CFAs)
  • package deals and series 30% off
  • group Immune System Strengthening and Healing, in process, join any time: DAILY 90m SESSIONS! $25/household, $15/individual - valid thru May 1, 2020; click here for all the details

NO After-Death/Mediumship
NO Flower Essences
NO Mentorship
NO Assemblage Point Therapy, except where available via Shamanic Journey

Cannot be combined with other discounts. Not applicable to already rendered services. Fees throughout website are regular prices. Thus, the price you pay will be 30% or 50% less than shown.

May be open to barter for goods (you deliver to my porch). This barter option will be semi-open until further notice. I'm offering everything I can to help make receiving services that help improve your health on all levels as easy as possible for you.