$225 / mo 

$200 per each additional consecutive month when pre-paid, in full

all services are available either in person or by remote/distant healing options, including Skype for some components

Nurturing the Creative Mind
a Care for Creative MindsTM Program


Nurturing the Creative Mind

Nurturing the Creative Mind helps you move beyond mental entanglements and come to rest and trust in your creative intuition and strengthen your self-confidence. A great stand alone for monthly creative nurturing or the perfect addendum to Creative Block Blasters or The Creative Way.

  • 1 | 75-minute standard Reiki session for relaxation, stress relief, better sleep, optimism, and energy
  • 1 | 60-minute standard aura/chakra session to clear and harmonize the auric fields and chakras (energy centers) to reduce subtle and physical energetic interference to improve clear thinking, creativity, and physical, mental, and emotional balance
  • 1 | meditation and self-healing instruction and practice as per your immediate needs and goals - type determined by practitioner; different each month with commitment of 2 or more months


  • 1 | 10- to 15-minute follow-up by phone/email to assess your progress and results, and to answer any general questions you might have

Sessions in this monthly program are scheduled strategically for optimal results.


Investing in remote/distant services? Please see FAQs for a special note regarding Session Notes.