Not Your Ordinary Intuition-Psychic Group Mentorship

The NYO Intuition-Psychic Group Mentorship is for those already experiencing extrasensory abilities, including spirit communication (aka mediumship, after-death communication, spirit communication) and who need guidance honing, controlling, and expanding their innate and already manifesting skills, and who want to go deeper than a typical class, development, 'mentor' group, or ongoing drop-in workshop can provide.

This group mentorship will ...

  • be both educational and experiential
  • cover a range of topics which are specific to the group participants
  • cover subtle-body aspects and self-healing/self-strengthening techniques related to honing, controlling, and expanding extrasensory skills
  • include monthly meeting, email access to the group mentor, and a 20-minute personal and private phone mentorship for every participant, every month!

We will meet a group, once a month for a total of 11 sessions. Each group session will last 2 - 2½ hours.

Fee: $60 / mo (prepay first two months, required)


  • 1 | monthly group meeting lasting 2 - 2½ hours
  • 2 | email access for personal (but general) help between monthly meetings*
  • 1 | 20-minute personal and private phone mentorship for deeper help or concerns between monthly meetings*

*use it or lose it, no rollover, prorating, or refund for unused opportunities; no exceptions.

How to Join the Group:

Number of participants is limited to 15. To assure we are a good fit for each other (and you for the group), an off-line, face-to-face, in person meeting is required prior to you acquiring a space within the group. There is no cost for this meeting. This is a good time for you to ask me questions as well!

Contact to schedule a meeting.

If you decide you wish to join the group and are accepted, you are required to prepay two months in advance. This payment will be due and collected at the time of the meeting. ($120)

Group sessions will be held at -

Coyote Wisdom - 2338 N. Grand River Ave - Lansing MI 48906


For dates and times of newly forming groups, please see the Class and Events Schedule.

For personal, private one-to-one mentorship options, see Mentoring. Six programs to choose from!