Nurturing the Creative Mind helps you move beyond mental entanglements and come to rest and trust in your creative intuition and strengthen your self-confidence. A great stand alone for monthly creative nurturing or the perfect addendum to Creative Block Blaster or The Creative Way.


all services are available either in person or by remote/distant options

Creative Block Blaster are short-term strategies to help you begin making impressive improvements in as quickly as one or two days by addressing immediate concerns.

Do you want to improve ...

  • Focus / Concentration
  • Enthusiasm
  • Organization
  • Motivation
  • Self-confidence
  • Stress / Ability to relax
  • Money
  • Sleep issues
  • Maintaining optimism

Benefits of these programs include ...

  • Increase mental clarity for focus, comprehension, and memory.
  • Improve thought processes for quality ideas, brainstorming, and analysis.
  • Balance the brain to boost thought processes and productivity.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Reduce or remove creative blocks to expand the flow of not-yet-realized ideas and inspirations.
  • Release self-limiting beliefs and regain self-confidence in yourself, your work, and your ability to produce a satisfying income doing what you love.
  • Release the need to compare yourself and your work to that of others.
  • Greater state of mindful awareness which can promote open connections to ideas and ease of implementation.
  • Promote overall health and balance, including better and deeper sleep which produces greater clarity, better creative flow, and greater overall well being.



The Creative Way: from Inspiration to Manifestation are the best options when you are ready to truly set your creative passions on fire and to live your life more creatively.

  • Creative Ideas / Inspiration
  • Performance anxiety or nervousness
  • Energy levels and ability to acquire sustained energy levels
  • Confused thinking or a restless, overactive mind
  • Health issues that get in the way of your creative passion
  • Ability to find and keep a balanced schedule
  • Feelings of stability/grounded-ness

Creatives often face special challenges. Your career or passion may provoke...

  • Loss of self-worth and passion due to constant rejection.
  • Presentation, or performance anxiety.
  • Feelings of not being "good enough", especially if you tend to compare yourself or your work, status, skills, talents, popularity, etc. with others in your field.
  • A constant racing mind, which often interferes with clear thinking and even sleep, both of which can cause poor performance and stilted creativity (not to mention frustration, irritability, stress, and poor health).
  • Fear of being taken for granted, having your ideas or work stolen or plagiarized before you have a chance to bring them to light - maybe because it has already happened to you or someone you know.
  • Apprehension or even dread that you will never make a decent living doing what you love.

Any of this sound or feel familiar?

Care for Creative Minds

Are you ready to ...

  • Get rid of your known and unknown internal obstacles and self-limiting beliefs?
  • Develop stronger and consistent memory?
  • Increase your ability to focus for longer periods of time?
  • Be more productive?
  • Induce peace and alert calmness?
  • Get ideas, inspiration, and creativity flowing (again), perhaps even have them race to the fore of your mind 'on call'?
  • Present, and perform with greater self-confidence?
  • (Re)gain optimism and motivation?
  • Balance your schedule so you can enjoy all areas of your life?
  • Feel more enthused and energetic?

Care for Creative Minds can help you do that and more!

Investing in remote/distant services? Please see FAQs for a special note regarding Session Notes.