Flower Essence Remedies


Flower Essence Remedy (Therapy) is the use of flower essences to help heal acute and longstanding challenges, which tend to be emotional or spiritual in nature. Challenges can derive from patterns of negative thinking to severe trauma. Flower essences provide a gentle way to help you uproot underlying causes of pain, anxiety, depression, confusion, anger, and negative thinking, including negative relationships to others, love, food, money, and sex.

Flower Essences are subtle liquid extracts that are used to address emotional well being issues, soul development, and mind-body health. They require patience in use because their effect is cumulative. In general, one who uses flower essences will begin to notice improvement at about the three-week interval when essences are taken as directed. 

When taking a regular regimen of flower essences, you will let go of negative patterns and energetic imprints and begin to create healthier habits. Depending on the state of imbalance, combining FER with another method of energy work* may be essential in the release of deep emotional traumas stored in the physical body. (*Not included.)


The Consultation: $115.00
in most cases, fee includes your first month's worth of flower essences

Prior to your scheduled appointment you will be required to complete and return a Flower Essence Intake Assessment. On average, this takes about 25 minutes to complete. (An access link will be sent to you to.)

We will also discuss your concerns. Although in some ways it may feel like it, this is not a counseling or therapy session. The purpose of the discussion is to help you identify key issues so that the most beneficial essence or essence

FER/FET sessions are available in person, over the phone and via email. In person is highly preferred. In the case of phone or email, unless you live close enough to pick up, fees do not include essences. I will instead provide you with the list of essences needed, where to purchase, and instructions for creating your blend, along with proper dosing.

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The Flower Essence Sessions

blend can be prepared for you. (In some cases, a single stock or pre-prepared blend essence will do the trick.)

The consultation appointment generally lasts 2 hours. Your personal blend may or not be prepared the same day.

Because it may be necessary to modify your current blend, prepare a new one, or make adjustments to your dosing regimen, it is important we discuss changes along the way. These sessions are provided through ...

Follow Ups: $55.00
               or  $187.00 / 4

may include modifications, a new preparation

The first follow up will take place 4 weeks after your initial appointment with successive follow ups determined as needed - generally once a month for 3 additional months. During the follow up session we will discuss any changes and make appropriate adjustments to your regimen as necessary, which may include ^adding or deleting essences, changing dosing amounts, or ^preparing a new blend. (^Possible additional fee.) It is imperative to follow through with all appointments in order to receive the true benefits in their fullest. Commitment is key.

Follow up sessions generally last 45m - 1hr.