(Energetic) Decoding

(Energetic) Decoding is my special method for finding and releasing numeric energetic patterns associated with disharmony in your body. The method and technique arose while working with various clients with varying conditions. In approximately 2006, I began receiving combinations of numbers while in session with clients. I was unable to find any known or published information about these phenomena. Thus I had to rely solely on my intuition; so, that in hand, I began to follow my intuition when these numeric combinations arose.

When such combinations presented, I began releasing the vibrations, according to the information my intuition was providing, from the area beneath my hand. Not a very scientific answer, but that's how it began. What I noticed during each of these occurrences were big energetic releases that caused shifts - ranging from moderate to major - in issues clients were facing.


Since that time I have become quite adept at this technique. The numbers are never the same for any two individuals. For example, if two people come to me dealing with issues of anxiety, the number sequences that need to be released from each are quite different and will present from different locations of their individual subtle bodies.

I have since come across other information regarding numbers and holistic healing methods. Although slightly similar in some respects, none of them are anything like what I now call (Energetic) Decoding. After all these years I still don't know what to make of this method; what I do know (and what clients know) is that it works.