Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Workshop Series

My Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) workshop is now updated for better comprehension and successful use of the applications. It is now structured as a three-part series that makes it much easier for you to more fully engage in and more easily understand the scope of the EFT procedures, benefits, and results in a step-by-step process.

Each class is 3.5 hours and scheduled once a week for three consecutive weeks - more than three times the number of hours previously offered.

Why should I take a live training when there is so much free stuff online?

How many hours have you spent digging in the plethora of instructions and videos available? Have you gotten all the answers you need? Are you still struggling with the same old issue(s) even though you've used video after video after video? Is it consistently working for you or are you still trying to figure it all out? Have you given up altogether? How many different ways have you seen how EFT is applied? Which ones are correct? Which ones are real, which are offshoots? Which ones contain real EFT and which ones have combined other methods and techniques with the original? Which ones use the EFT tapping points but aren't even EFT at all? Do you know or are you still confused? Are you aware that many of the 'big names' associated with EFT aren't even properly certified? Whoa!

In my live trainings all those questions will vanish because you will know, unequivocally, what's what. You'll know precisely what EFT is and what it is not. You'll know how to safely and effectively apply it every time you need it. And you'll know where to go for real, authentic help when you need it. You'll get real time, hands-on help with your specific issues from a certified EFT practitioner-teacher who learned the true methods as designed by Gary Craig, the founder of the system. 

Did you know that true EFT is now approved by the American Psychological Association for mental health professionals to earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units)? And that's exactly what you'll learn from me, true EFT!


EFT Workshop 1: The Foundational Application

In the first workshop, we will cover the foundational application in depth and spend ample time using the process during class. What you will learn:

  • Points to tap
  • Two tapping sequences: short and long
  • Set-up phrase and minor modifications
  • Reminder phrase and minor modifications
  • 9-Gamut technique
  • F2CER technique

You will also take part in -

  • Demonstrations of the process at work
  • Ample hands on practice
  • Discussions
    • Why we focus on the so-called negative when using EFT
    • Environmental barriers that can inhibit results and how to handle them

In addition, you will receive a pocket folder containing a number of handouts (including 'cheat sheets'), along with two pens and a notebook. All yours to keep so you can stay on track with your individual progress. [These items must be brought to each successive class.]

EFT Workshop 2: Being Specific & Getting Unstuck

In the second class of this three-part series, you will learn how to bring about improved results with EFT by using the techniques to reach deeper and get 'unstuck' when the foundational application seems to be evading results. You will learn additional tapping points to use when needed or desired. Plenty of time is allotted for extensive hands-on practice. You will receive another handout.

EFT Workshop 3: Beyond the Foundational Application

We all have those things that seem insurmountable, and maybe up to this point EFT seems to be lacking something. Your issues are not insurmountable and EFT isn't lacking anything. In fact, it has some pretty cool things yet to show you! This final class in the series unveils some nifty tricks for sneaking up on those 'insurmountable' issues. You'll even discover a few resources - both EFT-oriented and non-EFT-oriented - you can use to gently modify the set-up and reminder phrases when you need (or want) to enhance your individual progress. As always, appropriate hands-on practice opportunities are included.


only $100.00 

for the entire workshop series


Payment for this series is due in full at the time of registration. This better guarantees you will attend all three sessions, therefore adequately learning everything you need to know to assure you the best opportunity for successful application of EFT whenever you need and wherever you are.

This workshop series does not grant you EFT practitioner or teacher status or priviledges.