Core4 Holistic HealingTM Programs

At present, chronic pain is deemed "incurable". It can rob you of everything you cherish: your family, friends, your job, your vitality and energy. Although a cure may one day come, that doesn't help you now and, in most cases, conventional medicine is designed to help you become functional, but rarely gives you your life back. It doesn't have to be this way! This Core4 Holistic Healing program can help you overcome. It's designed specially for you.


There is a growing consensus that holistic methods are often more successful in treating anxiety, panic, and nervousness because they work multidimensionally. Evidence shows that people who use holistic therapies are able to manage and even eliminate debilitating anxiety, and that side-effects of medications used for treating anxiety are greatly reduced. In addition, clients who use holistic methods often find over time that they need less and less medication.


Emotional trauma is damage or injury to the psyche after living through an extremely frightening or distressing event (or series of events) and may result in challenges in functioning or coping normally after the event. Any situation that leaves you feeling alone and completely overwhelmed can be traumatic - even if there is no physical harm. Emotional trauma can be caused by a one-time event or from ongoing, persistent stresses.


all services are available either in person or by remote/distant healing options

What Is Core4 Holistic HealingTM?

Core4 Holistic Healing is a program that measurably alleviates or even eliminates issues and conditions that prevent you from living and enjoying life more fully. When used as designed, the Core4 Holistic Healing programs change the way your brain processes physical pain and emotional upset, thereby allowing the entire body to rewire the way it responds to these triggers. It allows the mind-body connection to communicate in new ways so that the body can release conditions and ailments that prevent you from living life on your terms.

Each step along the way is advantageously placed and completed in precise ways throughout your particular program and is highly customized to give you optimal results.

For this initial breakthrough, together, you and I will begin to shift your brain and energy patterns in a matter of minutes in order to initiate release of the patterns to which your brain and body have become habituated. In doing so, you can begin to experience immediate relief of your symptoms.

Step 1 - Breaking Through the Symptoms to Initiate Relief and Release 

Step 2 - Eliminate the Patterns to which Your Brain and Body Have Become Habituated

In this step, we will delve even deeper into the patterns that create the symptoms you experience and eliminate them. At this deeper level, we will change the way your mind-body perceives and processes those symptoms, and we will work to uncover deeply rooted patterns that might be keeping you stuck. In addition, you will learn easy-to-use skills for your personal self-care that you can easily apply between our appointments, further elevating your results and the ability to eliminate the symptoms you experience.

Step 3 - Raise Your Energetic Vibration to Break Through Walls of Resistance

Here, we will address particular mental-emotional barriers that might be hindering your ability to fully release the cycle and scope of symptoms you are facing. Once we discover and face these barriers, we can break through the walls of resistance they create. We will also raise your energetic vibration in ways that strengthen your whole being, making it much less likely for habituated patterns to return.

Now that you are able to breathe easier, relax a bit, and have gained measurable relief from your symptoms, it is time to indulge in practical methods which are geared toward helping your mind-body release any residual patterns and triggers, and to further facilitate and anchor your new mind-body connections.

Step 4 - Chill Out and Continue to Transform Your Mind-Body Connections

Bonus Step - Employing the Special Breakthrough & Elimination Weapon

When and only if needed for your particular situation, my Core4 Holistic Healing programs allow room to employ my remarkable "Special Breakthrough & Elimination Weapon" for shaking up the mind-body connection so that it is obligated to change focus and rewire itself. Again, this is used only if needed for your particular situation.

The Core 4 Programs

Although I specialize in the areas shown below, if you have a different issue and find conventional care lacking in the results you desire, it is probable I can custom design a Core4 Holistic Healing program exclusively for you. Whether you fall into one of the specialized areas above or have another concern, simply schedule a consultation to learn how I can help you find the relief you desperately want and deserve, and to determine whether we are good match.

Investing in remote/distant services? Please see FAQs for a special note regarding Session Notes.