Class Registration

Please note the following class registration form lists all available classes and the month in which each is held. Classes are listed alphabetically, then by the month in which each is offered. Please carefully select your choices.

Please closely watch your email. Once your form has been submitted and reviewed, you will be billed through PayPal for the amount due at this time (see form options below). You may pay through the PayPal website or print the invoice and remit payment by check or money order to the address indicated on the invoice. At this time, credit cards accepted only through PayPal.

Once your registration and payment have been approved, again closely watch your email for a welcome email. This email contains everything you need to know about your upcoming class, including text titles (where required), and confirmation of dates, times, and location of your class. If you choose a private training (available only for Reiki classes), you will also receive emails regarding scheduling your one on one training.

Class Registration Form
Year 2019

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