Chakra Intensive for Pets & Animals: Choose Your Pet's Chakra

Animal Chakra System

BRACHIAL chakra: primary major chakra which links all other major chakras; center for animal-human bonding
Imbalance: reluctance to be touched (other than for obvious medical reasons such as arthritis, inflammed skin, etc); reluctance or refusal to "connect"
Associations: chest, neck, forelimbs, head

CROWN chakra: connects to Spirit / God
Imbalance: depresion, withdrawn, lethargic
Associations: brain, pituitary gland, skin, spine, central and autonomic nervous system, craniosacral system

THIRD-EYE / BROW chakra: self-acceptance
Imbalance: headaches, eye problems, distant / distracted
Association: head in general, pineal gland, natural body rhythms, higher mental self

THROAT chakra: communication
Imbalance: uncommunicative or excessively noisy, doesn't respond to commands / obedience training
Associations: throat, mouth, teeth, jaws (albeit often caused from Root-based fear, animals which chew excessively can often benefit from having energy balanced here)

HEART chakra: herd / pack hierarchy, relationships
Imbalance: sad (recent emotional grief/loss?), overly possessive, unwilling to interact with other animals, jealous, nervous around other animals for no known reason
Associations: heart, lungs, immune system, thymus gland

SOLAR PLEXUS: personal power / sense of self - often depleted in domesticated animals
Imbalance: dejected, withdrawn, agressive, dominating, lack of enthusiasm
Associations: digestive tract, stomach, liver

SACRAL chakra: sexuality, emotion (emotional loss of animal partner, home, offspring, etc can often be stored here)
Imbalance: animal in shock (from injury other), over-emotional (excessive whinning for no apparent reason), boundary issues (for work animals: has difficulty establishing difference between work time and play/off lead time)
Associations: kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, reproductive system, lymphatic system

ROOT/ BASE chakra: survival, grounding (this chakra can be especially under- or over-developed in animals lower down the prey system)
Imbalance: excessively fearful / strong flight reaction (common in animals with history of abuse and neglect), greedy, sluggish, underweight, restless
Associations: intestines, gut, hips, hind legs, musculoskeletal system as a whole

A huge THANK YOU! to Patinkas for this well-gathered and well-expressed information.